Why Hot Tubs Aren’t Bathtubs

Spa, Jacuzzi, hot tub, whirlpool – there are many names for a luxurious tub of hot water large enough for many people to enjoy at once. Often, these words are used interchangeably, and the meaning is not lost.

Each name is for a different product, however. History plays a large part in the proper definition of each hot water container, and a brief explanation of each is listed here:

• Hot tub. The concept of the hot tub is antique, dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks, and before them, the ancient Egyptians, who created steam rooms and heated baths by building fires beneath the floor or by heating rocks and putting them in the water. The hot tub as we know it today is often credited to Phraortes, a Median king during 600 BC, who had built a granite tub in which water was heated for soaking. Now “hot tub” can correctly be used to describe any contained body of heated water used for soaking, but it most commonly refers to simple wooden tubs, which lack the seating and jets of plastic spas.

• Spa. The term “spa” is derived from the Belgian town of Spa, known throughout the ancient world for its healing mineral baths. The town became so strongly associated with relaxing and health inducing baths that modern spas share the same name. Modern spas are typically made of fiberglass or acrylic and offer seating and jets, as well.

• Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is a brand of spa or hot tub that has become so popular the brand name is commonly used to describe the invention itself. Created by the Jacuzzi brothers in 1968, this was the first whirlpool spa, and now many types of whirlpool spas and hot tubs, despite their brand, are incorrectly referred to as Jacuzzis.

Enjoying a dip in the hot tub
Hot Tubs just make life better.

Despite their technical differences, many people will continue to use these words interchangeably, but the history behind them will always show the distinction.

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