Don’t Hot Tub and Drink

There are two things people are reminded to do when going on summer vacation: wait 30 minutes after eating to swim, and don’t drink in the hot tub. Waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim is usually a good idea, but it’s not normally a life-saving tip. Mixing alcohol with a hot tub, however, is something that can’t be ignored. The following are several reasons to stay away from drinking while hot tubbing.

• Dehydration. Hot tubbing causes you to sweat, though you probably won’t realize it, and sweating will dehydrate you. Alcohol also causes you to dehydrate, compounding the effects of the spa and increasing the influence alcohol has on your body. This means you can get drunk more quickly, which could be very dangerous.

• Heat exhaustion. Most veteran hot tubbers know the slightly light-headed feeling of staying in the hot tub for too long, and most drinkers have experienced the phenomenon of alcohol increasing body temperature. Combining these two produces heat stress that your body may not be equipped to handle, which could lead to weakness, nausea, dizziness, fainting, rapid pulse, or worse.

• Drowning. A person can drown in less than a foot of water, and if they have been drinking, their lack of inhibitions can lead to stupid and wild behavior. Harmless horseplay be much while sober can more dangerous when alcohol is involved. Furthermore, combining the relaxing effects of the hot tub and the alcohol can cause a person to pass out or fall asleep, and if they sink below the surface of the water, they might not come back up.

Enjoying a beer or a glass of wine while in the hot tub is a fun and pleasant experience. However, if you decide that you want to drink in your hot tub, be very careful and make sure to not overdo it.

Something else to avoid when it comes to your hot tub is a heavy cover. Back in the day when we were still traveling around doing home shows , we used to have a video playing that showed an actor being injured by a heavy hot tub cover. Everywhere we showed it someone would say, “Hey, that happened to me!” It’s not funny when it happens to you. In fact it can be deadly. Besides that, if your cover is too heavy to lift you’re not going to get into the spa as often which is tragic.

Heavy Hot Tub Covers keep people out of the spa
If your cover looks like this you’re probably not using the hot tub today

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