Swim Spa Installation Decisions

Congratulations at your decision to order a swim spa. You will notice that swimming is one of the most beneficial low-impact exercise options, and nothing beats the convenience of having an area to swim in the own home. Aside from all of the fun that you may and of course the kids could possibly have with your own personal, private, swimming hole!
Considerations with Learn how to Install a Swim Spa
There are several considerations which will should be evaluated prior to the time you can enjoy all the necessary advantages and benefits of your swim spa. The most significant are site selection and installation. It’s a wise idea taking these together; ideally one of the best area to include the swim spa are likewise the one that is very easy to provide it onto.
So what is the best placement for your swim spa?
Drainage is the main consideration. A swim spa will hold a couple of times the level of water of a new regular spa spa. On the other hand, as a result of the high water volume, maintaining water chemistry will be easier with the use of a swim spa. You will have to refresh the water less often than you would by using a conventional jacuzzi spa.
There will still be occasions when you need to drain your swim spa, so plan ahead for exactly where the water should go. This will certainly also assist in the normal splashes that might be guaranteed to occur.
At the same time, your website or blog ought to have the capacity to provide support for the weight of much water! A great tub spa can weigh a few tons when filled with water, though a swim spa might be seven times as heavy. As a the easiest way, think of the truck that the spa company uses to offer your swim spa; make an effort to safely park the truck at your site? Most experts recommend a 4 inch concrete slab when it comes to the jacuzzi, a general guideline for swim spas serves as a 6 inch slab reinforced with #4 rebar on 18 inch centers.
Which is the best place to put the swim spa?
Swim spas are designed for outdoor installation, although putting one indoors is surely possible. Precisely the same weight support and drainage requirements will relate to an internal installation, but ventilation is a vital portion of having an indoor swim spa. The extra humidity that are caused by the swim spa has got the potential to damage the structure if it isn’t properly controlled by ventilation or air-con.
Outdoor installation is in most cases recommended to be as near the house as you can, because there is less distance to travel connecting the pool as well as having the warm house during storms. There will be 36 inches of clearance by the end of this very swim spa exactly where the equipment access panel is, as well as 48 inches clearance to the other sides.
Just remember that the more room you leave around the swim spa the better. Leaving more space around the spa will make getting the cover off and on much easier.
When it’s time to talk swim spa covers, SpaCap.com is the best to get a custom made, light weight, easy to use cover.
Some house owners prefer an in ground or semi-in ground installation. There isn’t anything wrong with this, given that the drainage, weight support, and drainage requirements are met. An alternative choice to in-ground installation is to build a deck around the swim spa which will mimic a greater ground height.

Enormous Swim Spa Benefits

Having a Swim Spa at your residence has numerous a lot of advantages. Swim spa benefits include hydrotherapy and all the aerobic uses regarding a regular size swimming pool. Additionally and the majority attractively, a swim spa will boost the value of your respective home. The swim spa can possibly be considered an asset. Upon selling your home you have the ability to improve the selling price of your apartment to be given a return on your investment. Everyone would love the swim spa due to the swim spa upkeep is considerably easier and at less cost compared to a full size swimming pool.
Besides the therapeutic benefits to the spa, you can swim inside the spa if you were cruising around a workout pool. The swim spa generates a present it’s possible to increase or decrease according to the intensity of your own workout or fitness level. The jet is placed at one end of the spa sending the existing in one direction. You swim contrary to the current, so in simple terms you could swim for a long time staying in the same place. You may equate experiences with swimming up current or upstream.
Swim spas are an incredible double function product. You can get an immense workout with the swim spa jets after which unwind making use of the massage jets. Swim spas represent the best possible of both worlds. Your hardest decision will certainly be no matter whether you should purchase a transportable swim spa or an inground swim spa. You are sure to just need to look at the space you have accessible and generate a call how will fit into the best.
After your workout or therapy you can relax, relax and revel in the jets massaging away your pains and aches.
There is certainly a never-ending list of benefits to owning a swim spa. The swim spa will come factory direct, fully assembled, delivered and installed above ground or inground, inside or outside. The new swim spa can be installed anywhere. You can commence exercising among the privacy of a persons own residence, and exercising during all four seasons. Our swim spa is just right for almost any age, plus the swim spa provides the benefits of complete sized pool without having the high expenses. Our swim spas have a low chemical level so operational & maintenance costs are low. You will really like to relax in your new swim spa either making use of the swimming function or relaxing in the hot tub.
There are a great number of health advantages linked with water based work outs and rehabilitation in a swim spa or swimming pool, these benefits include: improved flexibility, muscle toning, strengthening of joints and accelerated healing of wounded tissue. Swim spas are perfect to people with arthritis, chronic joint or lumbago, ms, and osteoporosis.
At SpaCap.com, they have just what you need to keep those benefits going. They have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for thirty years. Imagine a swim spa cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. SpaCap swim spa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.
Don’t let all the good your swim spa can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own custom made SpaCap, and change your life for the better.

Pool or Swim Spa?

I really like to swim, is it better to buy the pool or maybe a swim spa spa?
One major difference between a swimming pool along with a spa happens to be the ability to use a spa outdoors through the entire year. Should you be in a breeding ground that there are cold winters, this is even more important. You could use your hot tub twelve months out from the year, whereas by using a pool you receive around three months period use from the year. Plus the area efficiency of a new hot tub vs. a pool. A Swim Spa spa works extremely well like a pool, having the choice to swim during the whole year, it also takes up a whole lot less space than a pool. Additionally, a hot tub requires less chemicals, producing the maintenance more affordable plus much more Eco-friendly.
The foremost notable disadvantages of managing a pool are:
• limited seasonal use
• large space requirements
• expensive building code regulations
• timely maintenance
• expensive upkeep and negative symptoms to home’s resale value
In reaction to the concerns of pool ownership, Thermospas designed the Swim Spa. One side supplies a steady current for your swimmer to swim against, getting a very strong workout, and of course the opposite side of one’s Swim Spa permits for the last word jacuzzi experience. The extra current added in the swim spa provides an added test of the swimmer, helping them burn more calories and become fitter and stronger. Following the workout, the swimmer can speed recovery by soaking toward the hot tub side and letting the key jets let them have a complete body massage. The Swim Spa is equipped with the choice to add exercise bands to work out your whole body.
Fitness and swimming is not the one and only using a spa trainer, since this hot tub seats up to 12 people remember this is a great method to obtain entertainment for friends and family. A swim spa can also be a great way to teach your little ones learn how to swim in a safe, controlled environment.
At SpaCap.com, they have just what you need to keep those benefits going. They have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for thirty years. Imagine a swim spa cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. SpaCap swim spa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.
Don’t let all the good your swim spa can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own custom made SpaCap, and change your life for the better.

Reasons to Start Swimming

Yes, the treadmill is fun as well as those dumbbells, but it can be simple to get stuck in a workout rut. If you’re after a total-body routine that burns a bunch of calories (and doesn’t involve having to brave the frigid cold of any kind), give swimming a chance. From toning your core to aiding your metabolic rate, listed here are eight reasons why it should be the new go-to type of exercise—all year long.
1. This is a total-body workout. Swimming tackles all aspects sculpting your back to toning your arms—all without the need to pick up a weight. Rather than needing a thought to work specific muscles, all four strokes time and labor to strengthen your entire body.
2. It’s joint-friendly. In case you are recovering in an injury and are also wanting to build strength, then look into beginning a swimming routine to remain fit. If running have you noticed your passion, then swimming is a good method to decide on recovery days, granting knees a rest that are caused by the pavement.
3. It will not require fancy equipment. It is not necessary spend countless dollars to swim. The only requirement is typically a swimsuit, cap, and goggles. Whether or not did choose to enhance more equipment (e.g. a kickboard), they are actually rather inexpensive, and chances are your local pool possesses a few handy.
4. It can be great way to consume calories. Those rumors about swimmers and calorie intake aren’t false: Per hour of moderate swimming can burn around 500 calories. This revs boost metabolism, continuing the burn well after you’ve stepped off of the deck.
5. There are several variations. The training is endless with regards to the pool. Beyond all four strokes, you’ll be able to kick, pull, or possibly utilize the wall for pushups. Grab a friend and take a look at this interval workout.
6. It’s optimal for cross-training. Avoid an elliptical or gym class burnout by trading your normal workout for the pool. A swim session will of course improve overall performance at the gym (and vice versa). And once you’re training for a marathon or any additional competition, joining in the pool will perform you an additional edge over your competitors.
7. It maximizes your cardio. Swimming would be the ultimate aerobic activity. There’s more breath control compared to running, thus an elevated need of oxygen, causing your muscles to work harder. As a result of this, you can find more bang to fit your needs buck in a snap.
8. It’s refreshing. C’mon—jumping into a pool can be fun, and you also certainly do not have to be a professional to have the positive aspects and luxuriate in yourself. If anything, you’ll leave now by using a nice endorphin kick.
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Swim Spa Benefits

The compact, multi-purpose unit that produces along the swimming pool and spa is typically a product which has proven to have important benefits for getting a wide variety of people and situation.

Many professional trainers and athletes benefit from the superior work-out they get while operating a swim spa. The advantages of possessing a home swim spa quite a few, simply not only would be the spa beneficial for athletes working on their endurance training, but they’re also best for those who happen to be hunting for therapeutic and rehabilitation, like when recovering typically from sport’s injury or needing relief from joint and muscle problems. Swim spas make it easy for people who need to shed pounds and hope to have fit safely, as well as for individuals that would need to try balance. Perhaps the elderly take pleasure in the low-impact workout they can be in a swim spa.
Swimming is a dependable entertaining way to get a very good cardio-vascular work-out, and it’s among of a given safe ways to exercise, particularly when compared with running or competitive sports where injuries are easily sustained. Runners suffer from problems for instance shock on their spine, or injury to feet and ankle bones, and particularly knees. Individuals who work-out in therapeutic waters like a swim spa have far few injuries.
Many water fitness programs have also been developed for swim spas, namely low impact aerobic exercises and an underwater pilates program. Gentle stretching becomes easier when finished in warm water even vigorous work-out programs are less exhausting or strenuous. Exercise equipment namely rowing bars, and free weights training equipment can be obtained to help build muscle and cardio-vascular fitness. With adjustable control settings when it comes to the powerful jet streams, of the water current can possibly be adjusted for normal lap swimming, or interval training workouts such as swimming for getting a relatively short period of time against a stronger current after which resetting dials to alternate milder current.
Jogging among the waters regarding a swim spa from the steady current duplicates the outcome of a treadmill, and it’s simple to adjust the workout intensity preferred. For those who have a challenging time with mobility of movement, a water athletic event may truly are the only suitable program that keeps muscles supple and free from pain while remaining mobile and having exercise.
While massaging the physical body with therapeutic heated water jet streams, the atmosphere is much easier for the body to rest, experience relief from pain, and get enough rest at night. All of these issues promotes a comfortable climate for healing.
With all of the stress levels peaking today in an much more intense pace, health has become a big concern for all. It has become necessary to find ways that might assist to relieve this stress, while promoting health, deep relaxation and sleep. Swim spas provide a perfect solution, with several opportunities for exercise and therapy. Living with a swim spa whether for work-out or long-term therapy, the advantages gained quickly get the home spa an important addition to whatever home.
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Get the Best Swim Spa Size for You

Select the Best Swim Spa Size
Swim spas can be found four different lengths. It is essential to possess a clear understanding of what you desire to utilize a swim spa for so that you can select the best size for your own personal needs. Some models are offered in standard and \”deep\” versions that add varying from 9 inches to your foot of depth.
Here is a dirty rundown one for each length so you can pick the best swim spa size specifically for your needs.
10 to 11 Feet
These swim spas are usually swim spas in name only, as they don’t may have enough room so that for swimming. They’re similar to a jacuzzi for their hydrotherapy benefits and are best for muscle relaxation and targeting specific groups of muscles. They’re perfect for people having chronic or short term pain.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• A jet seat made for hydrotherapy
• Optional resistance, though not just enough for swimming
12 to 16 Feet
This duration of swim spa is sometimes labelled as a trainer or fitness model. These swim spas adjust for continuous swimming, this being provided by jet propulsion, rotating paddlewheels or a propeller.
In the case you are in need of a mix fitness and fun, this is definitely popular choice. Many models offer hydrotherapy jets and some can be customized with additional fitness equipment that can as soon as you can underwater treadmill, a rowing machine or various other resistance apparatus.
They can also be upgraded with fountains, special lighting and waterproof the audio, making them an excellent option for activities.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• As much as two jet seats
• A swim current
17 to 18 Feet
This model adds extra length for improved comfort while swimming and exercising, in addition to to choose water to run, which can include paddlewheels and propellers. These swim spas are fashioned for more serious users and the enhanced flow of water creates a smoother, more consistent current that spans the width of the pool. This type of water to run mimics the feel of a larger pool.
Optional upgrades include audio, Wi-Fi and built-in underwater cameras.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• Two jet seats and two standard seats/steps
• Paddlewheel and propeller water flows designed for a more realistic swimming experience
19 to 21 Feet
This model provides the longest time period of some other swim spa and typically has a dedicated hydrotherapy pool or bath tub separate from the swimming area. They feature each and every part of the functions available on smaller models but these swim spas may also consist of deluxe LED lighting, massage functions and enhanced tiling.
The recent tub end has as much as 60 hydrotherapy jets, seating for 4 to 6 people and added elements say for example audio system and a spillover waterfall.
These models feature:
• Widths from 7 to eight feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
• Four to five jet seats among the spa section
• A current that provides directional resistance, with paddlewheel and propeller types enabling swim quickens to eight mph
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Common Questions about Swim Spas

If you’re considering buying a swim spa for your chosen home, you will have questions and it’s crucial to provide the answers to your questions prior to the time you make a purchase. Here are a couple of of the extremely common questions about spas answered.
Are Spas, Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis all the Same?
The term “spa” is used to explain any jetted, heated and water-filled tub. The strength “spa and “hot tub” are interchangeable, however, Jacuzzi will be the name of a new company that will make whirlpool baths and spas and never a generic name for spas.
Portable or Inground?
Determining where you wish to put your spa is the first consideration in relation to preferring a conveyable or even a inground hot tub. Placing it around your home would probably entail altering the house it is going to be placed in and is going to therefore are more expensive.
Portable, self-contained spas need no external plumbing, excavation or electrical work. They are popular for their ease of use due to the fact they plug into any household socket and might be situated indoors during the cold months of winter or out in the course of the summer. A portable spa can be taken with you while you move, as well.
Inground spas can be constructed in a third party deck, sunk right into a cement floor or might be installed inground with the use of a wood or tile deck built around it. They need some plumbing and electrical time and labor to be done and therefore more costly initially. However, a built-in spa will greatly boost the value of your own home.
Far too much Weight?
Many individuals think that a spa filled with water will be fat when it comes to the floor it will sit down on. Actually, it exerts less stress per square foot compared to a refrigerator because of the fact that the weight is opened up during a large surface. Most modern construction will provide support for the average water-filled spa without trouble. However, if you’re just not sure, consult with a structural engineer before choose one installed.
Amount of Operating a Spa
It’s unattainable to say just what your operating costs will certainly be. Monthly energy bills will be determined by how frequently you’re using your spa and at what temperature, but the average portable indoor unit, by using a cover, costs about fifty cents each day to try.
Most portable spas are heated using electricity. Inground spas provide you a selection heaters. Gas heaters will cost more than electric heaters initially, but they can also be less costly in order to operate on any monthly basis.
How to pick a Spa Company

  • Decide on a reputable pool and spa company which has been doing business for many years.
  • Ask about warranties and backup services
  • Ask the dealer for references and/or ask relatives and friends about their experiences with the company
  • Don’t be rushed or let yourself be pressured into buying.
  • Use a “wet test” to look for the pressure of this very jets and then to see if the seating is comfortable.

Remember when it’s time to replace your swim spa covers, SpaCap.com is the best to get a custom made, light weight, easy to use cover.

Cloudy Water and Reasons For It

Why is my spa water cloudy? If I’ve heard this question once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. This may be the number one spa water problem plaguing spa owners.

Sadly there’s a large amount of misinformation on the net about cloudy spa water – for instance, “Bromine is going to make your spa cloudy”, or “Metals within the water cause cloudy hot tub water”, or the constant sales pitch – the minute you simply add this super-special-magical spa water treatment, your spa water problems will disappear.

When your hot tub water is cloudy, hazy, milky, the challenge will be one of these conditions listed below, or a combination of more than one.

1. High Calcium Hardness or Total Alkalinity

Your spa water chemical balance could be liable, and it’s the first place You ought to check. Take an accurate reading of your calcium hardness, alkalinity and pH levels. In areas where hard water is common, calcium may come out of solution and cloud the spa water. If your calcium hardness levels are above 300 ppm, use Calcium & Scale Control to tie-up minerals in solution, and prevent them from making the spa water cloudy.

When your test for Total Alkalinity shows elevated levels, more than 150 ppm, excess carbonates may come out of solution, and turn the spa cloudy. High TA levels will also cause it to become more difficult to control your pH, or keep it in range. Use pH decreaser to lower TA to around 100 ppm. In the event that your spa pH level is outside of the range of 7.2-7.6, adjust accordingly for easier control of cloudy water.

TDS, or total dissolved solids, is not usually a concern in spas and hot tubs – but, if it has not been not drained your spa in years, for whatever reason – you might have a high concentration of dissolved solids in the water. When water reaches it’s saturation point, where it can absorb no more solids, frequent bouts of cloudy water could be the result. Its time to drain and refill the spa.

2. Low Spa Sanitizer Levels

A lot of people are sensitive to bromine or chlorine, and attempt to manage the spa with the least amount possible. That could be OK, in the event that you have other sanitizers working, for instance an ozonator, or a mineral cartridge, and the water chemistry is balanced, especially your pH level.

Otherwise, spas ought to have a level of 2-3 ppm of bromine, or slightly less if using chlorine. When sanitizer level drops below 1.0ppm, particles and contaminants in the water begin to run rampant or grow at a rate faster than they are being destroyed.

A suitable sanitizer level should destroy the particles that induce cloudy water. To assist it out, shock the spa water regularly, especially several people have been using the spa, or if sanitizer levels have mistakenly dropped to inadequate levels. If a chlorinated spa shock is clouding your water, consider MPS shock instead.

3. Cloudy Fill Water

Maybe the problem is not created by the spa, but in your fill water. Nonetheless, balanced and sanitized spa water with proper filtration should self-correct, and eliminate the problem in the water in a day or so. A spa clarifier should help coagulate suspended particles for easier filtration. Usually, it might be worthwhile to use a spa pre-filter, to get rid of particulates that cloud your spa water. Just attach it onto the hose when adding water or refilling your spa or hot tub.

4. Air in the System

Small particles of air, tiny bubbles – could make the spa water appear cloudy. Should the spa has bubbles coming into the returns, but the air blower and spa ozonator are turned off – it could be an air leak, located on the suction side of the pump. The suction side is anything prior to the spa circulation pump. A loose union fitting preceeding the pump, or a loose pump drain plug can pull air into your system.

Low water level within your spa can also bring air into the spa, and give the water the appearance of becoming cloudy or hazy. Inspection of the pipes and equipment before the spa pump could show the origin of the air leak, that could then be sealed by using sealants or lubricants.

5. Spa Filter Challenges
This can be a common reason behind cloudy spa water. A spa filter cartridge might be positioned incorrectly, letting water to bypass the filter cartridge. Be certain the cartridge is fully seated on both ends causing the water to go through the pleated spa filter material.

A spa filter cartridge won’t last forever, and each cleaning reduces it’s efficiency a bit more. After about 15 cleanings, swap out the spa filter and you’ll notice an abrupt improvement in water clarity. Based on how much the spa may be used, and how much is asked of the filter, you should swap out the spa filter every 12-24 months.

Spa filter cartridges can likewise become gummed up with oils or minerals, drastically reducing their filtration ability. These substances can be very hard to eliminate with a garden hose alone. Spraying a cartridge in spa filter cleaner before cleaning will digest greasy or crystallized deposits, and restore full flow to the filter.

DE filters are more widely used on inground spas, and if a DE filter grid develops a hole, it can allow DE filter powder leak directly into spa. This tends to cloud the water, and create deposits of a light brown powder on the seats and floors of the spa.

6. Spa Pump Problems

There are plenty of pump problems that can lead to cloudy spa water, the most common being the length of time the spa filter is running each day. You may need to increase the period of time the spa pump operates, to improve your daily filtering time. Operating a pump only on low speed will also result in ineffective filtration. Run it on high for at least 2 hours daily.

Another issue could be the spa impeller. It could be clogged – filled with pebbles, leaves, hair or a wide range of things. The vanes on any pump impeller are small and can clog easily, which will inhibit the flow volume considerably. Another possibility is that the impeller is broken – the pump switches on, but the impeller is not moving, which could reduce flow rates to zero.

Should you have no flow from your pool pump, there could be an air lock, especially if you have just drained and refilled the spa. To resolve an air lock, switch off the pump and loosen a union located on the pump and make it possible for the air to escape, tightening it when water begins to leak. When the pump doesn’t activate at all – well, there’s your cloudy spa water problem. There might be a tripped GFI button, loose wires, bad contactor or relay, or another control problem.

Air leaks preceeding the pump, as discussed above, also makes the pump ineffective by lowering the overall water volume. Water leaks following the pump are also a problem, as your water level will soon drop below the skimmer intake, begin to suck in air, lose prime and stop pumping your water through the filter.

7. Biofilm Problems

Biofilm in short is a slimy bacteria that coats the interior of pipes and fittings. In extreme cases, it can cloud the water, and you could notice slimy flakes floating in the water, or have severe challenges with spa foaming. Biofilm forms quickly in any spa which has sat empty and idle for some time. Should you suspect a biofilm contamination, lower the pH to 7.2 and apply spa shock to raise the chlorine level above 10 ppm. Once the shock has done its job, follow it up with a solution of Jet Clean, to eliminate biofilm deposits.

8. Salt System Problems

Salt systems have become more popular with spa owners, although they are much more prevalent on swimming pools. The difficulty with salt systems is that one can place too much reliance on them, and neglect to check your chlorine level. Spa salt cells also need occasional cleaning to sustain chlorine output.

Adding salt to a spa when needed may cloud your spa temporarily, until such time as the salt becomes fully dissolved. When adding salt, do not overdose, and run the jets on high for greater agitation of the water.

9. Biguanide Problems

If you use a non-chlorine, biguanide sanitizer in your spa, and then have difficulty with cloudy spa water, you are not alone. This is actually the main issue for using a PHMB sanitizer. You might find relief by draining and refilling the spa, and changing the spa filter, which is probably jammed up with residue. Using spa chemicals with any amount of chlorine, or using algaecides or any non-approved chemical will not simply cloud the water in a biguanide treated spa, but might create some wild colors, too!

10. Soaps, Lotions, Cosmetics and Hair Products

The difficulty is common to just about every spa, unless you are careful to shower well before using your spa. Everything we use on our body as well as in our hair can wind up in the spa, and can bring oils, phosphates and detergents straight into the water, and a hundred other undesirable chemicals. These can consume sanitizer, clog spa filters and render the spa water cloudy and foamy. If the spa has a high bather load, or is employed as if it were a giant bath tub, you should expect problems with water clarity. Adding spa enzymes can help control greasy gunk, and reduce sanitizer demand and clogging of the spa filter.

Cloudy spa water is not so difficult to identify and resolve – but do not forget that you might have several of these issues working against you. Consider each possible cause of cloudy spa water carefully – it’s likely to be one or two of these situations above. Draining the spa regularly is definitely one more piece of advice to prevent cloudy water – depending on how much the spa may be used, draining it every few months is an excellent preventative way to insure against the spa water from becoming cloudy to begin with!

More information about hot tub covers is available at SpaCap.

Date Night

All couples enjoy date nights but might neglect them due to expense, or perhaps they are bored with options they’ve already exhausted. To produce a wonderful date night located within your own backyard, consider using your hot tub. Bonus there is no need to go anywhere or spend anything, you along with your partner relax and be as casual as you would like considering that you won’t need to wear anything except your birthday suits. There’s also no need to worry about getting kicked out; the hot tub closes when you say it does. Here, we’ve provided a few tricks which will help you design a perfect hot tub date.
Foods of romance
Many are not thrilled to eat in the hot tub as they worry the snacks will drop into your water. If this happens to be a problem for you, make your own floating containers using Rubbermaid containers and pool noodles cut to fit them. Try easy, portable snacks like fruit kebabs or squares of dark chocolate. Veggie trays or chips and dip might be a good idea, but make sure the dip is securely anchored in the center of your container or plate. Other fun ideas include miniature sausages, cheese cubes, or small sandwiches.
Play, Then Love
Many couples find that it is a lot easier to get \”in the mood\” if they have been active first. Try exercising together and showering before jumping in the tub, or alternate time between your hot tub and pool. Do silly dives together (safely!) or play pool games, or if you’re not in the mood to get too active, try hot tub yoga with relaxing music in the background. Many aquatic yoga websites have plenty of partner stretches to choose from.
Set the Mood
Overall, the hot tub really needs to be a mellow and interesting location. If you and your partner want to find it irresistible together, set the mood. Use flameless candles in your favorite scents; rose, lavender, mango, and melon are all great olfactory aphrodisiacs. Play some soft music, and massage your date while in the tub.
Life with a hot tub is a good thing
Owning a Hot Tub makes life a lot better
Don’t kill the mood by hurting yourself trying to get that heavy saturated Hot Tub Cover back onto your spa. Nothing ruins a night like a trip to the emergency room. Keep that mood going by making putting the spa cover back on as simple as pulling the comforter off your bed. At SpaCap they build Custom Hot Tub Covers that are as easy to use as a comforter. Visit them today and order one for yourself.

Gazebo or Canopy

Many people love the notion of overhead hot tub décor. The challenge comes when confronted with the two most well-known options – gazebo and canopy – they encounter a tough decision. Both sound wonderful, but which actually is appropriate for their particular hot tub? In the event you have been asking yourself that question, don’t despair. We’re here to help clear up the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make the best choice for your situation.
Both gazebos and canopies are beautiful, and can be selected to fit any theme you like. For example, many canopies have fringed ends or decorative ribbons, putting one in the setting of an Arabian caravan or a bedroom in an English manor house. Gazebos could be made with silk or silk-rayon combinations and undergirded with the sturdiness of wood or steel. Both options can be used for total privacy and relaxation, though for privacy, a gazebo is perhaps the better choice. Gazebos can be outfitted with doors or drapes that open and close, while canopies may provide more shade and shadow than privacy.
Nothing ruins a hot tub party or a private getaway faster than a canopy or gazebo crashing into the water. Unfortunately, this can easily occur with flimsy materials. Plus, certain materials like rayon and silk can absorb water and often are difficult to wash or repair. When considering a canopy or gazebo, ensure your option isn’t simply some cloth. Look for sturdy fabrics like cotton or colored canvas with silk or lace embellishments. When considering a gazebo, look into those constructed of strong woods like mahogany or oak.
Canopies and gazebos are both expensive, and size doesn’t always influence the price. For instance, a low priced “instant patio canopy” can cost $200, while a well-built gazebo could cost more than $4000. Before choosing a gazebo or canopy, decide just how much you’ll actually utilize it just what the rewards will be. Canopies and gazebos are beautiful, but should be purchased using an equal mix of aesthetics and practicality in mind.
Ease of Access
With all hot tub accessories, it’s important to leave good deal of space to walk around the spa and make certain the hot tub can be covered. You could have seen Hot Tubs displayed at a fair of home show that had a quaint looking “Tea House” type gazebo that was fitted right to the spa cabinet. They give the impression of being great on the showroom floor though they are a real nightmare realistically. They don’t allow enough access to remove or replace ANY cover with ease. Anything at all that inhibits the opening and closing of the hot tub will eventually be the reason you don’t use the spa. Don’t fall for cute, make sure your choice leaves you adequate room to easily walk around at the very least three sides of your hot tub.
At SpaCap, they have been building Custom Hot Tub Covers for years. Because of that, they have been contacted many times about building covers for a large number of hot tubs in all sorts of layouts. They have needed to tell owners that the limited access is not sufficient to easily use one of their hot tub covers (or ANY cover). So before you make up your mind on how to best add an overhead covering to your hot tub area, take a serious look at the manner in which you use your spa and you should not do anything that could possibly interfere with that especially purely for the sake of decor.
A nice alternative is the patio umbrella that mounts on it’s own pedestal but swings out over the spa when in use or retracts away for storage. This makes it easy to cover your hot tub when you want while supplying you with a quick easy alternative to take it away whenever you prefer to look at the stars.
One last thought in closing, in many parts of the country, heavy rain, hail, wind or snow could be a concern. Most gazebos and Canopies are not designed to withstand these so you’ll need to be sure you get them disassembled and stored before the storms come.