Treating Arthritis With a Swim Spa

Assist for Rheumatoid joint inflammation Sufferers in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

On the off chance that you’ve ever come across the torture of osteoarthritis or have required to view someone you comprehend and like endure with it, you will be satisfied to understand the Osteoarthritis Foundation to a great degree prescribes the recovering properties of jacuzzis or even the hot tub in your swim spa. Individuals with osteo-joint inflammation have an exceptionally bothersome time moving and by getting immersed in warm water, they’re reduced of a portion of the discomfort and are even in a position to obtain the some possible relief.

As reliably, with any new action, on the off opportunity that you are an osteo-joint inflammation patient and would wish to begin valuing the Swim Spa, please first evaluate having a doctor before you begin, however tell him that you can set the spa temperature level in between 80 degrees all the way approximately 104 degrees … so f need be, put it at a temperature of below body temperature, state 90 degrees.

At the point when you decide to begin any motion in your Swim Spa, its a great idea to loosen up first … do interior water stretches. Begin by enabling your body to end up being agreeable with the warmth for a couple of minutes before beginning any workouts. Since of the smooth warm currents that there can be relief from arthritis pain, its been said that.

It’s astonishingly essential to consider focuses slowly when practicing in a warm tub for a couple of reasons; one is just due to that you can strain muscle bunches on the off opportunity that you aren’t successfully heated up prior to beginning, two is the manner in which it is conceivable to more than strive in the Swim Spa by performing a great deal of or doing it for exceedingly drawn-out to wherever you get to be unsteady and woozy. Getting to that point won’t help any doing activities, and it can be negative to your basic well being. The third cause to consider takes place after you’ve exercised, keep up as a main priority that now that the muscle gatherings are currently extended and fulfilled expectations, it is crucial to keep them warm for a very long time before getting away from the Swim Spa to allow your muscles to unwind in the past hitting the cooler air.

For that individual who sustains with osteo-joint inflammation, the essential fact that they’re all set to move with less torment in a warm tub and even a swimming pool is nothing except wonderful. Those with joint swelling remain in stable pain and a vital of it needs to do with the straightforward fact that there is a gravitational draw to the earth we live on and that is incredibly decreased in case they are immersed in water. Open to warm water is an extra advantage on the premises that it will also set off the veins to expand, that will consider a good deal more blood and oxygen to stream to muscles and skin to not say the heart.

At, they have simply exactly what you have to maintain those benefits going. They have been developing Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have actually been Swim Spas. Think of a swim spa cover as simple to utilize as moving a cosy comforter off your bed. No exasperation called for. Swim Spa Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up moisture which is just what makes all other covers heavy.

Do not allow all the good your Swim Spa can do for you be squandered on a heavy, out-of-date swim spa cover simply since that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own customized swim spa cover from, and get the most from your spa.


Tips and tips for blending kids and Hot Tubs and Swim Spas:

— cooling off the hot tub a few degrees is highly advised, so their little bodies don’t get overwhelmed by the heat. Make sure they comprehend the time limitations on spa time if the water has actually not sufficiently cooled, and keep in mind to allow time for the water to cool.

2– Reduce the power of the jets– take them down a notch or 2 inning accordance with their size, age and activity of the kids in your hot tub or swim spa.

When not in use to prevent without supervision play, 3– Be sure to keep your swim spa and hot tub covered.

While we are talking about covers, no matter what size swim spa you have  you need a Swim Spa Cover that easy to use. Unfortunately all Swim Spa Covers are not created equal.

Every traditional rigid foam filled Swim Spa Cover will always get saturated and too heavy to lift. On a regular size spa this can be bad enough but on a swim spa it can become dangerous.

At they have been building easy to use Swim Spa Covers and hot tub covers for years. Get one for your spa and you’ll have the only Swim Spa Cover that is light enough to use with one hand.

4– Keep children hydrated with drinks and more youthful children supervised at all times. Shade Umbrellas are always a welcome break from the sun on hot days.

5– Have lots of water toys and games– you do not require a lot of space to have enjoyable with toys and apparatus in a hot tub or swim spa. The built-in stereo on the majority of models adds environment and can be used for kids’ games such as musical chairs.

6– Use enzyme based water treatment systems, to keep the water great and clean without the use of a great deal of chemicals on the skin of children in jacuzzis. Attempt and make sure their swimwears are washed well of all laundry detergent to prevent clouding up the water. Having kids avoid wearing creams in the health clubs will likewise assist the water stay clear.

7– Give very first swimming lessons in a safe and shallow environment before upgrading to full size swim spas. Swim Spas are an excellent place to teach kids the best ways to swim as you can remain fixed while supporting them as they swim against the current chosen to be at a perfect speed for them.

Enjoyable for kids of all ages in a hot tub or swim spa throughout the year!

More Swim Spa Benefits

Having a Swim Spa in your house has many fantastic benefits. Swim spa advantages include hydrotherapy and all the aerobic uses of a full size swimming pool. In addition and most wonderfully, a swim spa will increase the value of your house. Your new swim spa can be considered a property. Upon offering your house you will have the ability to increase the market price of your the home of receive a return on your financial investment. Everyone will enjoy the swim spa because the swim spa upkeep is considerably easier and less costly than a complete size swimming pool.

In addition to the restorative benefits of your brand-new spa, you can swim in the spa as if you were swimming in a lap pool. You swim against the present, so in essence you could swim for hours staying in the very same place.

Swim spas are an amazing double function product. You can get an enormous workout with the swim spa jets then unwind using the massage jets. Swim spas represent the finest of both worlds. Your hardest decision will be whether you should buy a portable swim spa or an in-ground swim spa. You will just have to take a look at the area you have available and make a decision where and what will fit finest.

After your exercise or treatment you can just relax, relax and take pleasure in the jets massaging away your aches and pains.

There is an endless list of advantages to having a swim spa. A swim spa is simply right for all ages, and the swim spa has the advantages of a full sized pool without the high expenses. You will enjoy to relax in your brand-new swim spa either using the swimming function or relaxing in the hot tub.

There countless health advantages connected with water based work outs and rehab in a swim spa or swimming pool, these benefits include: improved flexibility, muscle toning, conditioning of joints and accelerated recovery of injured tissue. Swim spas are ideal for individuals with arthritis, chronic joint or neck and back pain, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.

Okay, as you would expect, we have to point out that if you intend to take advantage of your Swim Spa, you need to be able to use it easily daily. After being in the Spa Cover service for thirty plus years, the folks at have found out a couple of things when it pertains to using a hot tub.

When we at first get our swim spas, we are ecstatic and it is simple to find the time to use it everyday. Like a kid with a brand-new toy. Eventually, that “newness” disappears. Then you need to choose that the benefits you receive from using the swim spa are worth the time it takes in your schedule.

The standard foam filled Swim Spa Covers offered at every spa dealership are the issue.

The foam starts to fill with moisture from the steam rising off the swim spa water. After a few months, the Swim Spa Cover is heavier but given that you have actually been using the spa daily you didn’t observe it.

Before you know it, getting the cover off and on takes a lot more effort. You might not even notice it nevertheless one day you think about entering the tub but then decide you’re just not up to it tonight.

That simple foam filled Swim Spa Cover winds up being a barrier between you and the swim spa you invested all that money in.

Before heading out and purchasing another Swim Spa Cover just like the one you’re replacing, consider something much better.

At, they have in fact been constructing Swim Spa Covers, that are light-weight, easy to use and built to stay that way. There are no rigid foam panels in the covers from so there’s absolutely nothing to take in that steam and get heavy.

Check out and get back to enjoying your swim spa.

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

Unsure if you truly want a swim spa?

People purchase a swim spa for a great deal of different reasons. Some just purchase for the enjoyable of wallowing in water, obviously. For the majority of people, health concerns predominate.
swimmer in swim spa

Groups that Benefit Most by Exercising in Water:

athletes looking for endurance training
individuals recovering from a sports injury
the obese
individuals with balance issues
the senior
anybody with joint issues

And, naturally, anybody who wishes to get in shape!

Swimming is one of the Safest Exercises

There are far fewer injuries to swimmers than runners or competitive video game players. Water supports the body reducing stress on joints. The cartilage in a swimmers knees and the bones of their spine do not suffer the shocks that runners, tennis gamers or other professional athletes suffer.

Sports injuries are a major concern. Among child boomers, alone, injuries perform at almost a million events a year and cost around 20 billion dollars in medical expenses. For individuals aged 34 to 54 there are around 400,000 healthcare facility admissions associated with sport injuries, every year.

A staggering 5.5 million people consult a physician for knee injuries in the average year. *.

Swimming is not mishap complimentary but issues emerge from negligence- like diving in shallow water- rather than the nature of the exercise.

Water Gyms.

A swimming spa can be suitable for a lot of exercises besides swimming.

You can do some water walking on an undersea treadmill against the resistance of a present.
You can get equipment that will permit rowing exercises, step ups, and many other activities.
You can even get an underwater Exercising bike!

If you wish to utilize a swim spa as an aquatic health club you need a design with a flat, tough, non-slip bottom so that any equipment is protected in usage.

Treatment Benefits.

Swim spas use excellent therapy for a wide range of conditions. They promote great sleep, ease tightness and minimize stress levels.

Sleep much better.

Workout will assist you sleep much better. Soaking in hot water at night also promotes good sleep, inning accordance with a research study by the National Sleep Foundation.

Relieve stiffness.

The Arthritis Foundation advises the usage of medical spas and has found that routine sessions will help keep joints easily moving as well relaxing arthritic pain. This makes moderate workout possible which can restore strength and flexibility.

Relieve long term conditions.

The New England Journal of Medicine found that diabetic patients who used a spa frequently reported minimized blood sugar levels and better sleep patterns.

Swimming is Great for Anyone with Limited Mobility.

If your movement is limited in any way, swimming might be the only workout that is really practical.

Arthritis victims are only one group who discover running, step ups or other typical exercises uncomfortable or difficult. And naturally, if you fall over in water, you are not going to harm yourself.

Water Therapy.

Anybody who has suffered an injury that has actually influenced on their movement will understand the benefit of aquatic therapy, You can work out without gravity obstructing and you can utilize the natural resistance of water as a mild way to work out and reinforce muscles.

If you are looking for an expert level hydrotherapy pool system utilized by many sports groups and health centers you might examine out Hydroworx.

Hydroworx likewise produce water treatment orientated swim spas for home usage.

Pool Pilates and other Water based Exercise Programs.

Pool pilates, or Poolates, is just one of the workout programs that provides total body conditioning in a pool setting. Any swimming with a flat bottom is ideal for these sort of programs.

Swim Spas that Combine a Swimming Area and a Spa Area.

A lot of seats in a swim spa can get in the method of swimming. Since of this, numerous swim spas have only a single bench seat which is not perfect if you want to blasted by effective massage jets (it is simple to obtain pressed into a corner by the jets!).

Setups that integrate a swimming location with a separate spa can fix this problem.

No matter what swim spa you decide on it will need to have a Swim Spa Cover that easy to use. Unfortunately all Swim Spa Covers are not created equal.

Traditional rigid foam filled covers will always get saturated and too heavy to lift. On a regular size spa this can be bad enough but on a swim spa it can become dangerous.

At they have been building easy to use Swim Spa Covers for years. Get one for your new swim spa and you’ll have the only Swim Spa Cover that is light enough to use with one hand.

How Getting a Swim Spa Benefits Your Family

You could believe your swimming days are over for quite a couple of months when winter months comes around. However, with a Swim Spa, you can swim as high as you desire, whenever of the year. By possessing a Swim Spa, you could preserve your everyday exercise and also tension relief. Continue reading to discover about the year-round benefits you will take pleasure in with your brand-new swim-spa.

Preserve Your Exercise Regimen Year-Round Benefits of Swim Spa Covers

You could fear the coming winter if your daily exercise is located in an inground pool. Inground swimming pools are often just utilized throughout the summertime, that makes it tough to keep a constant workout routine. You, like several various other swimmers, may require the low-impact high quality of the water to work out easily. What sort of interior, low-impact exercise can you locate during the winter months that give you the same health advantages as swimming in an inground pool? With a Swim Spa, however, you can appreciate your swimming exercises year-round in heated water.

Enjoy Your Heated Swim Spa

In enhancement to preserving your workout practices year-round, a Swim Spa is a wonderful service for year-round parties. You, your good friends, your children, and also the rest of your family members can delight in an enjoyable day or evening in your heated, yard Swim Spa any kind of time of the year.

Relax Your Muscles

Finding methods to unwind is an important action to attaining a healthy and balanced and all-around life. Whether you handle a demanding work, busy domesticity, or both, you require to discover the time as well as a simple way to unwind your muscles as well as reduce your anxiety. Because you could appreciate it any type of time you want during the winter months or summer, a Swim Spa is the best service.

They have been constructing Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have actually been Swim Spas. Swim Spa Covers usage air to protect instead compared to foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up dampness which is just what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your Swim Spa could do for you be squandered on a hefty, out-of-date, outdated cover simply because that’s all your local dealer needs to supply. Order your very own customized Swim Spa Cover from, and obtain the most from your spa.

Exactly how Getting a Swim Spa Benefits Your Family

With a Swim Spa, you can swim as much as you want, any time of the year. By owning a Swim Spa, you can keep your daily workout as well as tension alleviation.

Keep Your Exercise Regimen Year-Round Benefits of Swim Spa Covers

What kinds of interior, low-impact exercise can you locate throughout the wintertime months that provide you the exact same health and wellness benefits as swimming in an inground pool? With a Swim Spa, though, you could enjoy your swimming exercises year-round in heated water.

Enjoy Your Heated Swim Spa

Along with keeping your workout behaviors year-round, a Swim Spa is a great service for year-round events. You, your close friends, your children, as well as the remainder of your family could take pleasure in a fun day or evening in your heated, backyard Swim Spa any type of time of the year. A swim-spa is a fantastic event tool for people to appreciate a vacation event or an easy party. Surprise your family and friends by informing them to bring their bikinis for the next winter celebration you host. Everyone will certainly be happily stunned that they obtain to experience a heated spa whenever they desire.

Unwind Your Muscles

Finding means to loosen up is a critical step to accomplishing a all-round and also healthy and balanced life. Whether you take care of a demanding job, busy domesticity, or both, you should locate the moment and a straightforward way to unwind your muscles as well as reduce your anxiety. Because you could appreciate it any time you want throughout the winter or summer, a Swim Spa is the excellent option.

At, they have simply exactly what you have to maintain those advantages going. They have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have been Swim Spas. Picture a Swim Spa Coveras easy to utilize as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation needed. Swim Spa Covers use air to shield instead compared to foam so there is absolutely nothing to saturate up moisture which is what makes all various other covers heavy.

Do not allow all the excellent your Swim Spa can do for you be lost on a hefty, out-of-date, out-of-date cover just because that’s all your regional dealership needs to use. Order your personal personalized Swim Spa Cover from, and obtain the most from your spa.

Swimming Laps At Home

Swimming, as we all understand, is one of the very best exercises you can do for your body. Swimming laps provides you with a terrific cardiovascular workout, and helps to keep your muscles toned. Swimming works every muscle in your body, which can likewise assist you to burn calories. For many people throughout the United States, swimming is just the best way to remain in shape and have fun doing it.

Swimming is a lot of enjoyable and a great method to exercise, it can be quite a chore going down to the local swimming pool. The hours will vary from pool to pool, implying that there are only certain times of the day and the week that you can go. To make matters worse, the lanes are normally crowded, making it tough to obtain an appropriate workout. Congested lanes can make swimming a chore, specifically if there are a lot of people around who are doing nothing but standing in the water.

You must look into getting a lap swimming pool for your house if you like swimming laps but dislike going to your regional swimming pool. Lap pools are a terrific addition to your house, with the only distinction in a swimming pool and residential swimming pool being the shapes and size. Rather of the standard kidney shape that home swimming pools are understood for, swimming pool are long and narrow, providing you a lot of space to swim laps.

Lap swimming pools are usually just about four feet deep, implying that divers should not invest in them. They are meant for those who like to swim laps, lacking toys such as diving boards and slides, as the water isn’t deep enough.

Swimming pool are listed below ground swimming pools, as you might already understand. They need a lot of digging for installation, and can cost numerous bucks also. The costs will vary from area to location, although the majority of top out around $30,000. This is extremely pricey to state the least, although if you swim every day, you can easily make your refund if you count what does it cost? you spend going to the regional swimming pool.

If you simply don’t have the money however desire to swim laps at home, you ought to look into a swim spa. You can get quite a bit of exercise utilizing a swim spa, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

Swim spas might be more affordable than lap pools, although they aren’t cheaper than standard below ground swimming pools. They are still reasonably new, and can be rather tough to find. More and more swimming pool business are including them though, so it might be just a matter of time before they come to your area. You should contact your local company if you are interested, as they can be almost impossible to maintain yourself.

With a lap pool or swim spa, you can swim as numerous laps as you like at home. These kinds of pools are ideal for swimmers everywhere, and they can keep you as healthy as you like. If you are interested in a lap pool or swim spa, simply call your local pool company and get the ball rolling – you’ll be glad you did when you are swimming in the house and not the regional swimming hole.

If you like swimming laps however hate going to your local swimming pool, you must look into getting a lap pool for your home. Lap pools are a great addition to your house, with the only difference in a lap swimming pool and domestic pool being the size and shape. Rather of the standard kidney shape that home swimming pools are known for, lap swimming pools are long and narrow, providing you plenty of space to swim laps.

Swim Spas might be less expensive than lap swimming pools, although they aren’t cheaper than conventional below ground pools. If you are interested in a lap swimming pool or swim spa, just contact your local swimming pool company and get the ball rolling – you’ll be thankful you did when you are swimming at house and not the local swimming hole.

When you’re ready to cover your investment, visit While spa manufacturers have been working on designing and building swim spas, have been building the perfect Swim Spa Covers

No matter which company you purchase you swim spa from they will offer a traditional rigid foam filled Swim Spa Cover The problem is that depending on the overall length of your new spa, that cover will consist of three or four individual panels. And just like every other foam filled cover ever made, those panels will start to saturate with moisture from the steam coming off the spa water until they are too heavy to lift.

Bar lifters won’t help once the cover becomes too heavy either because you will still have to flop it over the bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then push it off the end of the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either rip itself apart (because the seam of the cover is not built to handle the added weight) or worse it will rip the bar lifter off the sides of your spa potentially causing damage to the swim spa cabinet.

The Swim Spa Cover by contrast, don’t employ foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to stay lightweight and easy to use. Visit and order one for your swim spa today.

Advantages of Working out in a Swim Spa

The portable, multi-purpose device that integrates the pool and also spa is known to have vital advantages for a wide range of individuals and also scenarios.

Many industry details fitness instructors as well as professional athletes appreciate the superior workout they obtain while using a Swim Spa. The benefits of having a house Swim Spa are lots of, merely not just takes place to be the spa advantageous for athletes involved on their endurance training, however they’re also best for those who are searching for restorative and rehabilitation, like when recuperating coming from a sporting activity’s injury or requiring remedy for joint and also muscular tissue problems.

Swim Spas streamline points for anybody who would should go down a couple of pounds and also wish to get healthy securely, and for those that would should try equilibrium. Perhaps the elderly get a kick out of the low-impact exercise they will certainly be able to attain in a Swim Spa.

Swimming is a reputable amusing way to obtain a trustworthy cardio-vascular work-out, and also it’s among of one’s risk-free ideas to exercise, specifically if when compared to running or affordable sporting activities where injuries are easily suffered. Runners are influenced by problems specifically shock on their back, or injury to feet and ankle joint bones, and also especially knees. People that work-out in therapeutic waters like a Swim Spa have far couple of injuries.

Several water workouts have actually been established for Swim Spas, such as reduced influence cardio workout and also an underwater pilates program. Mild extending ends up being less complicated when completed in cozy water even strenuous workout programs are less laborious or tiring. Cardio equipment such as rowing bars, and also barbells training devices could be gotten that will certainly assist build muscle and cardio-vascular health and fitness.

With adjustable control settings for the powerful air stream, the liquids current can quickly be readjusted for regular lap swimming, or interval training for instance swimming to generate a short period of time against a more powerful present as well as after that resetting dials to alternating milder current.

Running inside the waters of a brand-new Swim Spa from the stable existing duplicates the impacts of a treadmill, as well as it’s easy to adjust the workout strength liked. For people with an agonizing time with flexibility of movement, a water workout routine could actually be the only suitable program that keeps muscles devoid and supple of discomfort while remaining mobile as well as getting exercise.

While rubbing the physical body with healing actually warm water air stream, the environment is way easier for your body to rest, experience alleviation from pain, and also obtain sufficient rest every night. All this promotes a comfy environment for healing.
Considering all those intensity of your stress coming to a head today are vulnerable to even a lot more intense speed, health has actually turned out to be a huge concern for everyone. It has actually ended up being necessary to find methods that can assist to soothe this tension, while promoting health, deep leisure and sleep.

Swim Spas use a perfect service, with several chances for workout and therapy. Having a Swim Spa whether for workout or long-term treatment, the advantages got rapidly make the residence spa an invaluable addition to any house.

Bear in mind when it’s time to change your Swim Spa Covers, is the most effective to get a personalized made, lightweight, very easy to utilize Swim Spa Cover

Why You Need a Swim Spa

Swim spas have really grown in popularity over the past couple of years, and there are a number of economical options in the industry. The problem is that numerous consumers don’t recognize why they require a swim spa, and also some do not even know exactly what a swim spa is.

Best of both worlds
When a hot tub is too small and also a pool is also big, you need something that’s in between. Swim spas enable severe swimmers to obtain their exercise and stay in form while additionally allowing them to relax later on. Swim spas can usually be heated up, giving proprietors with a large hot tub to relax in at the end of a lengthy day. Typically no longer than 12 feet, these pools can additionally be used for leisure and also exercise simultaneously, as long as the water goes to a good temperature for both activities.

Swim spas are much simpler to install as well as leave you with more space on your property for other tasks due to the fact that they are so a lot smaller sized compared to a full-size swimming pool. They can be placed either in the ground or in addition to it, making them mobile or irreversible as the property owner picks.

A lot of benefit for your money
While a hot tub assists to relax muscular tissues and ease discomforts and also pains, and also a pool enables you to stretch out your muscles and also obtain a great exercise, a swim spa offers you every one of these health and wellness benefits.

Now that you’re ready to go obtain a swim spa, you are mosting likely to require to obtain a cover for it as well. That’s where we can be found in. At SpaCap we have been developing Swim Spa Covers for as lengthy as there have actually been swim spas. Just what the spa dealership will wish to “include” with your swim spa is a rigid foam folding cover. Primarily it is 2 regular foam filled hot tub covers so you wind up with four panels as opposed to two and also a cover that will stop working two times as quick.

Do not go for a big piece of foam filled rubbish that is simply mosting likely to wind up in a land fill, order a customizeded swim spa cover from SpaCap

Contact SpaCap to learn more regarding swim spas and safeguarding your hot tub or pool.

Choosing a Swim Spa

How to Choose a Swim Spa

A swim spa can offer a lot of different activities.

Is the Swim Spa for Swimming, Aquatic Exercise, Relaxing or Partying?

Most swim spas will let you do all of the above but some are more orientated to exercise, some to relaxation.

If you think that you might swim some but mainly you want to be able to play with the kids, a shallower water depth and less expensive current generation system could be the best choice.

If relaxation is important, you will probably want a generous supply of massage jets. Molded seats ensure you are not pushed out of position by the currents. If you want to invite your friends, the more seats the better. 

For underwater exercise machines you will need a solid, durable, flat base. Fiberglass or stainless steel give the most secure base.

There are a lot of attractive extra features to look out for like aromatherapy, LED and fiber optic lighting, water falls, built in stereos, air blowers etc.

How is the Water Current Generated?

For serious swimmers, the way the current is generated is one of the most important considerations.

The first swim spa manufactured was the Swimex. It still has one of the best ways of generating a current to swim against. A large paddle wheel at the back of the swim spa draws a wide, deep current of water through the spa ensuring a laminar, chop-free flow. You will have no trouble staying afloat and no white water to battle against.

The Swimex uses a paddle wheel to deliver a powerful current with little turbulence.
Propellers can also generate a steady water flow but it is not as deep and wide as a paddle generated current. The advantage is that the system is cheaper to manufacture and propeller systems are often found in mid-price swim spas. Endless Pools, H2X and Swimmers Edge all use propeller systems.

Swim jets create water flow with the most turbulence. Manufacturers are constantly adjusting how swim jets perform to make sure the current provides buoyancy as well as resistance but they still offer the least enjoyable experience.

Resistance Tether Swim Spas

It is possible to swim in place using an elastic tether attached to the swimmers body. This is a system used by many athletes for endurance training. The drawback is the turbulence and waves created by the swimmer. 

Swimergy have a specially designed pool to suppress waves.

 Cal Spas  offer a tether system in some of their swim spas.

The Shell

Swim spa shells are usually made of fiberglass or acrylic. Fiberglass shells can split or the layers can separate if they are not well made (‘one piece construction’ manufacture is best).

Acrylic shells will not split and are very durable as long as the framing is sufficiently strong. Acrylic reinforced with fiberglass is the most rigid.

Bradford swim spas are made of stainless steel with tile overlays. They are very durable but also expensive and usually only an option for hydrotherapy centers and resorts.
Ozone Generator?

A swim spa with a built in ozone generator needs little chemical input or maintenance time to stay fresh and safe to use.
Running Costs

The big expense is heating. If you are going to use the swim spa as a hot tub outdoors, at around 95 degrees, it will eat up the electricity in cooler weather. If you are happy with about 80 degrees- a good workout temperature- it will be pretty economical from spring to fall.

Swim Spas with separate spa and swimming areas like the H2X Momentum and Swimmer’s Edge Duo can save money. There is no need to heat a large volume of water for a relaxing soak!

An indoor installation will not add too much to electrical costs if the room is already being heated.

Solar power heating is a very practical way and economical way to heat any pool or spa.
In Ground or Above Ground?

Most above ground swimming spas situated outside need a four inch concrete base to rest on plus an electrical and water supply. They can be finished with side panels or built into decks.

If you want to install in-ground, it is worth getting a firm price from a local contractor for site preparation before you purchase. Remember to think about local codes for safety issues.

Wet Testing

If you live near a swim spa dealer they will be happy to let you slip into a bathing suit and try out their swim spas!.


Swim Spa Covers

Most swim spas come with a floating thermal cover or simple wind-over vinyl cover to help retain heat and keep out debris. The problem is that these really fall short of doing the job. That’s why we recommend the SpaCap Swim spa cover from 

It is light enough to be handled easily, and yet insulates far better than any foam filled swim spa cover. It is the only Swim Spa Covers available factory direct offering a wide range of Sunbrella Marine Fabric colors.